About Me



Welcome to my written world.

I am a junior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and am in the midst of studying English and journalism. When I’m not pretending to understand literature or am drowning in piles of writing assignments, you can find me making inappropriate comments to my boyfriend in public or hiding behind the latest book I am enthralled in.

But, since I am halfway through college and am supposed to have my shit together, I will indulge you in some of more professional pursuits! I currently serve as the President of the Nu Lambda chapter of Chi Omega in addition to writing and editing for UNCW’s Her Campus magazine. Currently, much of my work is focused on college-aged women and navigating the tumultuous, incredible, exhilarating, stressful hell that is a four-year university. Ultimately, my goal is to work for a digital publication one day and write for a mainly female audience. However, being an adult kind of sucks so here are some ~*cOoL*~ things about me:

  1. I consume more peanut butter than anyone you know
  2. The only thing I believe people should be throwin’ back is early 2000s pop songs
  3. I’ve been out of middle school for almost six years and still religiously throw the peace sign up, especially in awkward situations
  4. My English teachers were my best friends in high school
  5. When I don’t brush my hair, I resemble the Geico Caveman
  6. I have never and will never throw a book away
  7. Currently, I nanny for the cutest family in the entire world
  8. Anytime I fly on an airplane I pretend I’m en route to interview at Cosmopolitan or Seventeen; one day, my friends…

But until one of my favorite magazines hires me, you will have to become a religious reader of my blog! I hope you enjoy my thoughts on college, books, and healthy living.

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Instagram: gabrielladionisio                     Twitter: gabby_dionisio



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